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What We Do

We Actively Promote "Buy Local" and "Made In Hawaii"

Kama’aina, LLC. is a State of Hawaii registered company that provides a proprietary technology platform—Hawaii Island, related services and support that exclusively enables local Hawaiian businesses, merchants, manufacturers, artists, farmers and the tourist industry to manage and offer their inventory, product or services "for sale" to visiting tourists and online consumers worldwide.

Hawaii Island is an online asset of Kama’aina, LLC.

Certification & Memberships

To ensure your Hawaii island vacation experience of a lifetime, Kama'aina, LLC. is a certified Hawaii Tourism Authority 'Destination Expert'.

We are Members of the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau and the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Our Island Team

Our team of specialists have extensive and unrivalled knowledge of the world’s most inspiring Islands. We believe that our island paradise is one of life’s ultimate joys—it never fails to thrill us.

Promoting Aloha

We showcase to buyers the best Hawaii has to offer and continually strive to provide the buyer with the ultimate online Aloha! experience
—our unique island lifestyle is well known worldwide.

Empowering Business

We connect buyers around the world with local island sellers, empowering Hawaiian business and creating economic opportunity for all—our success is measured by our customers' success.

Partner Focus

We focus on partnering with our sellers, not competing with them. By providing a marketing and cost-effective selling environment that benefits all our partners—we help them reach sales revenue goals.

How It Works

Bringing you the best of the Hawaii Islands

"Made In Hawaii" Marketplace

Only genuine local Hawaiian made products and services are listed in our online marketplace—no execeptions.

Island Market Sellers

Our island sellers come from all walks of life, whether artists, farmers, small business owners or manufacturers—support and buy local.

It's Easy To Sell With Us

List your products and services in minutes

You Make It, We Sell It

Sign up, post your products or services, then start selling online. When your item sells, we make the payment process easy for you to receive money.

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